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Tue Jun 4 04:41:57 AEST 1991

As is usual at USENIX Technical Conferences, there is a 
Work in Progress session at Nashville.  The Work in Progress 
session provides an opportunity to get up and speak for 10 minutes 
on your current work and, perhaps, present research results that 
were too recent to be included in the conference program.

There are so many people wishing to share their work at this
conference that we have added time during the Bird Of a Feather
sessions to accomodate you.

On Thursday evening, 20:00-22:00, the following speakers are scheduled:

Shigetoshi Yokoyama, MIT, "Spatial Data Management with Dynamic Icons";

Hans Scholten, University of Twente, "An Event-Based Debugger for a
	Distributed System";

Geoff Collyer, Software Tool & Die, "nam: A Manual Page Decompiler";

Marcus Leech, Bell-Northern Research, "Managing a UNIX HelpDesk";

Eric Brunner, "Porting 4.4";
Danny Chen, AT&T Bell Labs, "Towards a New Interface for Specifying 
	and Accessing Kernel Performance Metrics for Unix System V".

On Friday afternoon, 16:40-17:30:

Rick Macklem, University of Guelph, "Not Quite NFS, Crash Tolerant
	Cache Consistency for NFS".

Past Work in Progress sessions have provided speakers with feedback
that they were able to incorporate into larger papers presented at 
subsequent conferences.

Individuals wishing to make a Work in Progress presentation
should bring a summary of their work, including your name
and presentation title, on a typed, double-spaced, single
sheet of paper for display prior to the session.  Or, preferably,
send it via email to  lab at .  Time slots are assigned 
on a first come, first served basis.

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