Looking for a roomie and am willing to volunteer!!!

Todd Nathan tn505981 at longs.LANCE.ColoState.EDU
Sat Jun 8 06:58:15 AEST 1991


To all that are going to Usenix, I am heading there too.  I am
in search of a roomie or two.  I can take a floor if I have to
but don't want to pay much if I get a floor.  I have a car,
and am driving out.  Please contact me ASAP as I am leaving
in a couple of days.

Todd Nathan
Liveware, Inc.

PS.  To all the usenix coordinators, please contact me i fyou have
	any space for volunteers.  I am willing and able.  I can even come
	in an extra day early to help set up!!!  I would want to get
	in at no cost then.

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