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Robert J. Granvin rjg at sialis.mn.org
Sun Jun 30 14:36:43 AEST 1991

USENIX, as a technical group, governed by a staff representing the membership,
should make political statements by its actions (such as not holding a 
convention in a specified city) when that political statement _directly_
affects USENIX.

USENIX members are more than able to make their own political statements
about any topic they want.

When the political statement has nothing to do with the goals and purposes
of the organization, the organization should leave those statements to the
individuals, or other groups.

I'd hate to see USENIX get embroiled in political issues that it has no
business being a part of.  On the other hand, I fully support USENIX 
getting involved in political issues that are of direct value to the

I think that's pretty much true of any organization.

USENIX does not expect me to support their political views, and I certainly
don't expect, or want, USENIX to make political statements on my behalf.
USENIX is not a political action committee.

It's impossible for all people to agree on any topic.  I'll make my own
statements and opinions, or work with a group that specifically focuses
on, and is prepared to affect changes in those things.

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