Why not pick *nice* places for the Usenix conventions?

Barry Shein bzs at world.std.com
Sun Jun 23 16:44:16 AEST 1991

From: brad at looking.on.ca (Brad Templeton)
>Good Lord, Barry, Summer in San Antonio?   I have nothing against Texas, mind
>you, but in June?

Ah, there ya go, killing the messenger...

These decisions are made a few years in advance, I think the first one
the current board voted on was Boston in Summer '94. Hmm, even that
may have been at the joint old board + elected board meeting.

San Antonio will be down on the river walk, I've never been there but
I hear it is very nice and full of things to do (and remember the

I am sure we will hear more about San Antonio shortly, right here...
        -Barry Shein

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