NNTP BOF misnamed

Erik E. Fair fair at Apple.COM
Wed Jun 5 14:56:04 AEST 1991

In the referenced article, limonce at pilot.njin.net (Tom Limoncelli) writes:
>P.S.  The time I was able to attend, I got wind of a mailing list that
>I now call one of the "best kept secrets of Usenet".  Subscribe at
>nntp-managers-request at ucbvax.berkeley.edu (if that's wrong, I guess
>Eric will correct me), they often have conversations there that
>include a lot of the dirt that's good to know if you are a News
>Manager using *any* protocol.  It has a good signal/noise ratio, which
>may not last if I announce it like this, but it was announced at the
>NNTP BOF as "essential" (footnote: I believe that word should be
>credited to Eric Fair).

It's nntp-managers-request at ucbarpa.berkeley.edu, and I wish you'd
spell my name right...

	Erik E. Fair	apple!fair	fair at apple.com

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