Why not pick *nice* places for the Usenix conventions?

Barry Shein bzs at world.std.com
Mon Jun 24 09:46:00 AEST 1991

>The list Barry Shein posts does not really indicate whether or not the
>place where the conference takes place is *in* these cities or in some
>suburb, like it was in Nashville or Dallas.  That's what I really meant
>to address.

Hmm, intent on making me work for a living...

Here's the ones I know about, I am sure the office can supply full
details, apologies in advance for any errors:

1. Winter '92 - San Francisco Hilton, as downtown as you can get, I
	liked this hotel *a lot* the last time we had a conference
	there. Great location, fine hotel. With the whole Silicon
	Valley + SF + Berkeley crowd coming in (like last time) I'd
	say if you're going to only go to one USENIX in your life
	make it this one.

2. Summer '92 -  San Antonio Marriott, on the river walk (maybe someone
	else can fill in details on where that is exactly.)

3. Winter '93 - San Diego Town & Country, in town, not quite downtown
	but a few minutes drive, certainly not "out in the suburbs" by
	any means.

4. Summer '93 - Cincinnatti Hyatt (no idea, maybe someone else knows.)

5. Winter '94 - San Francisco Hilton again!

6. Summer '94 - Boston Marriott (near the Hynes I assume, right downtown,
	15-minute walk from the center of Boston and right on the transit
	system to get anywhere in Boston or Cambridge for, well, whatever
	they're charging in '94, around $1.)

7. Winter '95 - New Orleans Marriott, 5-minute walk from the French
	Quarter, Bourbon St and all that.


It's not likely, but for all we know New Orleans might sink into the
sea before '95, or the hotel go belly-up etc., or some other
extenuating circumstance, in which case we'd obviously have to adjust
and probably even change the city as suitable alternate meeting space
may not be available for the dates we need in the same city.

Actually, all sites are subject to change, of course, if something
disasterous occurs.
        -Barry Shein

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