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Dan Geer geer at
Sat Jun 22 06:59:03 AEST 1991

As organizer of the panel at UseNIX, 
I want to thank Judy Grass for asking
(for the post on the patent issue before
Congress) and Michael R. Miller for replying.

I would be interested in commentary on whether
a controlled amount of similar material of
this form is warranted on this newsgroup,
and if future UseNIX meetings would profit
from further discussions on this topic.
Any suggestions may be sent to me directly,
and/or posted for discussion as seems appropriate.

Thank you for your attention.

		Daniel E. Geer, Jr., Sc.D., Tech. Dir.
		Innovation Technology Resource Center
		External Research Program
		Digital Equipment Corporation
		1 Kendall Square - Bldg. 1400
		Cambridge, Massachusetts  02141

		Email:     geer at
		Telephone: 617-621-7443
		FAX:       617-621-7423


  Panel participants were as follows:

Barry Shein, Pres.
Software Tool & Die

Dan Appleman, Atty.
UseNIX Association

David Carson, Atty.
Schwab, Goldberg, Price & Dannay

Glen Self, Ph.D., VP R&D
E. D. S.

Stuart Miller, Pres.
Griffin Systems

  Panel moderator was:

Rob Kolstad, Secretary
UseNIX Association

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