SUMMARY: brewpubs / pubs in Tennessee

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Thu Jun 6 06:07:58 AEST 1991

A while back, I asked the readers of and
about the local pub/brewpub scene in Nashville, and promised a summary.
Well, the response was very small, but here is the summary:

A big Thank You to all who responded.


P.S.  You still have a couple of days if you have any additional info.
Post it directly to this newsgroup (it's too late for me to re-summarize).

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Are there any good brewpubs or pubs in or near Nashville?  I'll summarize if
I get email.  Otherwise, followups have been directed to
If you have an idea of about how far it is from the Opryland Hotel (where
the USENIX conference is being held), that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a bunch!


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> Are there any good brewpubs or pubs in or near Nashville?

I don't know about brewpubs, but THE Worlds End is a great place. The 
food is wonderful, (menu is in a 3 ring binder) Prices are reasonable
(I'm a student and could afford it!!) the atmosphere is pleasant and relaxing,
the drinks are good, and the live entertainment is good, usually some
sort of jazz or some other such thing.

I can't remember the address exactly, but it is close to downtown, about
4 miles from Opryland ....but this is just a wild guess, I have a bad time
judging distances while driving unless I am really making an effort to 
do so.

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In response to your recent posting.............

There is a microbrewery in Nashville called the Bohannon Brewing Company.
I don't believe that there are any brewpubs though....

CR Saikley

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	Theres a new (within the last few years) brewery
down on 2nd Ave in the downtown area. This is a row of old
warehouses one block over from the river. Some of them have
been converted into shops and restaurants. I remember a bookstore
and a Spaghetti place. The brewery might have a tour or pub,
but I cant remember. This probably is the only place in Nashville
close to what you want. Let me know if you find any others, as
I will be visiting Music City in the future.


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