Why not pick *nice* places for the Usenix conventions?

Leonard Len H. Tower Jr. tower at buita.bu.edu
Sat Jun 29 07:07:30 AEST 1991

In article <uguofyag5a at ads.com> henry at ADS.COM (Henry Mensch) writes:
|i thought the last SF USENIX was pretty bad; at exactly some hour
|(closing hour) the waitresses streamed through the lobby bar (SF
|Hilton?) and TOOK DRINKS FROM CLIENTS and forced them out.  as the son
|of a man formerly in the bar business, i know it's usually customary
|to let folks finish their last drink ... 

* If you like USENIX to formally discuss this with the Hilton, ask Ellie
or Judy.  The Bar is an important part of the conference.

* I suspect they aren't paid for the time after closing.

* The hotel management might be mandating the prompt closing.  Being
SF, I doubt it's local law forcing them to close promptly.  But being
California it might be state law.

|this wasn't an isolated
|incident, either; the attitude from the staff was obviously "these
|people couldn't possibly have enough money/stature-in-the-community to
|be worth our time."

Did you see them NOT hassle people who appeared to "have enough
money/stature-in-the-community to be worth our time"?

* I find that if a crowd tips well the first time they are at Bar,
they are remembered and treated well in the future.  Fact of life.

It also helps to have polite conversation with one's server, while not
holding them up, if they want to hussle on.

It helps to try and get the same server every night.

* Perhaps people who dress like the USENIX crowd who live in SF are
behaving in an offensive manner that is rubbing off on us.

* Bar servers are people, are underpaid, often have horrible
management, and usually have families to get home to.  Be kind to

thanx -len

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