Archivists unite (BOF in Nashville)

Paul Graham pjg at
Fri Jun 7 07:55:28 AEST 1991

Indeed the archivists BOF is going to happen.  Unless something
extraordinary occurrs we shall be meeting Tuesday at 9pm (same time as
the GNU BOF) in a room yet to be determined.  We shall chat about
things that those of us compelled to collect find terribly
interesting.  These include but are of course not limited to:

* How does one find interesting things in the morass of news and then
  find those things on the net?

* How do we keep everything we've ever found given finite resources?

* How do we keep track of things we've found?

* How do we get rid of things that really are of no further use or
  replace them with a better/newer version?

* How do we share (on a local/regional/national/global level) the things
  we've found?

* What can we learn (or steal) from the librarians?

* How can <multi-media> help us?

* How do we make all of this transparent to the users of our diverse
  computing environments?

Those not able to attend should be apprised at a later date (in
comp.archives.admin) of some bits of what did (or did not) happen.

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