Proceedings (was Re: Usenix papers archive (was Re: Blazon to Postscript))

Clifford Neuman bcn at
Sun Jun 30 07:57:26 AEST 1991

  harrison at (Mark Harrison) writes:

  >Has anyone considered archiving the papers presented at the Usenix
  >conferences?  The individual authors generally don't seem to mind
  >sending copies.

As I come across such papers, I have been building an index using
Prospero.  At the moment I have only about 12 such papers included. I
would be interested in hearing from authors that have made their
papers available by FTP so that I could add them to the index.  If
there is someone that is willing to more actively look for such
papers, I can provide the ability for that person to update the

Prospero makes the set of papers that have been indexed look like they
are on a single file system.  If you would like more information on
Prospero send a message to info-prospero at

	~ Cliff

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