Why not pick *nice* places for the Usenix conventions?

Hugh LaMaster lamaster at pioneer.arc.nasa.gov
Sat Jun 29 07:53:18 AEST 1991

In article <1991Jun26.011537.23197 at bilver.uucp>, bill at bilver.uucp (Bill Vermillion) writes:
|> In article <BZS.91Jun22172048 at world.std.com> bzs at world.std.com (Barry Shein) writes:

|> And I beleive it was the latest "login" that said that ALL future
|> winter conference after New Orleans will alternate between San
|> Diego and S.F.    No more miserable snows like Wash or Dallas.

SF has been a great place for the *Summer* USENIX, since the weather is *almost* always
clear and dry and fairly cool (as I write this, it is raining in the Bay Area).

A more southerly location is appropriate for winter.  Of course,
Summer in SF and Winter in San Diego might be a bit much for the
corporate bean counters back east...   

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