Why not pick *nice* places for the Usenix conventions?

Henry Mensch henry at ADS.COM
Fri Jun 28 05:12:56 AEST 1991

tchrist at convex.COM (Tom Christiansen) wrote: 
->Whether we're going to get looked down at by the hotel staff as much in
->Texas as we were in Tennesee is yet to be seen, but I can't imagine it
->being worse.  

i thought the last SF USENIX was pretty bad; at exactly some hour
(closing hour) the waitresses streamed through the lobby bar (SF
Hilton?) and TOOK DRINKS FROM CLIENTS and forced them out.  as the son
of a man formerly in the bar business, i know it's usually customary
to let folks finish their last drink ... this wasn't an isolated
incident, either; the attitude from the staff was obviously "these
people couldn't possibly have enough money/stature-in-the-community to
be worth our time."

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