Looking for Proceedings

Kermit the Frog agrawal at alicudi.usc.edu
Sat Jun 22 06:43:23 AEST 1991

Hi, I was looking for the proceedings of Usenix Conference on C++. I
was told that I could get it by calling the Usenix org. at Berkeley. I
would be obliged if someone could give me pointers about

1. Whether these are available via anonymous ftp. 
2. If not, how long would it take for me to get a copy. What is the
going price. What is the address?, the phone number?
3. Is there any way of getting the table of contents via anonymous ftp
before I order the entire proceedings. I am interested in a particular
paper but may not have the exact reference. 

Any other suggestions would also be helpful.

Since this information may not be useful for others in the newsgroup
please email at "agrawal at lipari.usc.edu". 

Amitabh Agrawal

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