Why not pick *nice* places for the Usenix conventions?

Melinda Shore shore at theory.TC.Cornell.EDU
Sat Jun 29 13:23:55 AEST 1991

In article <1991Jun28.214536.21138 at visix.com> amanda at visix.com (Amanda Walker) writes:
>I think that selection of USENIX sites should be a matter of cost,
>services, and convenience for the members, and that's about it.  It
>should not be a political soapbox for anyone.

Maybe, maybe not.  I do find it deeply problematic that we will be
spending a lot of money in a state that is choosing to deprive women
of some fundamental rights.  Unless things in Louisiana start to
turn around, I will not participate in any Usenix-sponsored event
down there.
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