Frequently asked questions about this year's LISA conference

Elizabeth Zwicky zwicky at
Wed Jun 19 14:07:45 AEST 1991

Answers to frequently asked LISA questions:

1) The due date for abstracts has passed; can I still submit a paper?

Yes, you can still submit a paper. You will need to submit a full
paper by the July 8th deadline. 

2) What format do you want submissions in?

We will accept submissions in any format we can read; that includes
plain ASCII, LaTeX, troff, FrameMaker, Interleaf, and PostScript.
However, papers that are accepted will need to be either in troff,
using the USENIX macros, or in plain ASCII, and troff is preferred. 

3) I have submitted an abstract. Will I get a response before the July
8th deadline?

Yes, you will get a response before that deadline. We will try to get
it to you as far in advance as possible. On the other hand, we may
ask to see the completed paper as well, so you might want to keep
working anyway.

	Elizabeth D. Zwicky
	zwicky at

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