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			 (IPCCC - 92)

April 1-3, 1992
Scottsdale, Arizona

This   international   conference  provides  a  forum   for   the 
presentation  and  exchange  of  current work  in  the  field  of 
synergism of computers and communications, and their applications 
areas.  We are particularly soliciting industrial, business,  and 
government participation as well as the active involvement of the 
academic community.  We know it is vital that there be a dialogue 
between  practitioners  and researchers.  Thus,  in  addition  to 
research  contributions,  we look forward  to  reports  detailing 
experiments, evaluations, problems, and opportunities  associated 
with design, implementation, and operation.  Such reports will be 
given special consideration.

Submitted manuscript must be no longer than 5,000 words, be typed 
double-spaced,  and  include  an abstract  of  approximately  300 
words.  Long papers and reports will not be considered.   Authors 
should   obtain  company  and  government  clearances  prior   to 
submission of the papers.

Please  submit five copies of complete paper and abstract  by  15 
July 1991 to:

               Dr. Ming T. (Mike) Liu, Program Chair
               Ohio State University
               Dept. of Computer & Information Science
               2036 Neil Avenue
               Columbus OH 43210-1277, USA
               Tel: (614) 292-6552
               e-mail: mike.liu at
               Fax: (614) 292-9021

All papers submitted will be refereed by the Program Committee.  
They will be judged with respect to their quality originality and 
relevance.   Authors  will be  notified  of  acceptance/rejection 
shortly  after  20  September  1991.   Accepted  papers  will  be 
published in the IPCCC-92 Proceedings.

We solicit proposals for special topics and panel sessions.  Each 
proposal  should  include subject, justification,  and  names  of 
possible  participants.  Proposals should be sent to the  Program 
Chair by 15 July 1991.  Proposers will be notified of provisional 
acceptance shortly after 15 August 1991.

Proposals  for one-day tutorials related to the suggested  topics 
are  desired.   Please contact the Tutorials Chair  for  tutorial 
proposal  submission guidelines.  Proposals should be sent by  15 
July 1991 to:

               Dr. Ann Miller, Tutorials Chair
               Motorola Satellite Communications
               2501 S. Price Rd.
               Mail Drop G1140
               Chandler, AZ  85248-2899
               (602) 732-3874 (Fax/3046)
               e-mail:  am-ipccc at

Exhibits  of  commercial  products  and  demonstrable  prototypes 
related  to the suggested topics are solicited.   Please  contact 
the Exhibits Chair by 3 September 1991.

               Dr. Frank Caliss, Exhibits Chair
               Arizona State University
               Department of Computer Science & Engineering
               Tempe, AZ 85287-5406
               Tel: (602)965-2804
               e-mail: caliss at

Computer Technology
*Parallel and Distributed Computing
*Fault Tolerance and Reliability
*Neural Network Computing
*Distributed Database Systems
*Optical Disk Storage
*VLSI/VHSIC Developments
*Advanced Architectures

Communications Technology
*Fiber Optics
*Satellite/Terrestrial Systems
*Communications Theory
*Spread Spectrum

Software Systems
*Specification Methodologies
*Development Environments
*Object-Oriented Systems
*Real-Time Systems
*Performance Measurement and Evaluation           
*Graphics and Scientific Visualization
*Distributed Operating Systems
*Project Management

Networking Systems
*OSI Networks and Interoperability
*Fault Tolerance Networks
*Local and Wide Area Networks
*Network Management, Control, and Security
*ISDN Systems
*Value Added Networking

AI/Expert Systems
*Expert System Design and Applications
*Non-traditional Languages    
*Distributed AI Systems
*Intelligent Databases

*Medical Information Systems
*Process Control
*Robotics and Computer Vision
*Multi-Media Databases  

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