a thought for speakers

Barry Shein bzs at world.std.com
Sat Jun 1 05:06:15 AEST 1991

I have a better idea, we can just have designated questions! We'll
design several catagories and have people with loud voices volunteer
to ask them at each talk:

1. Deep, thoughtful question:

	So, tell me _______ (first name preferable to appear very
	personal and familiar), where do you plan to go with all this?

2. Embarrassing, put-em-on-the-spot question:

	Didn't I just read a very similar paper in a recent
	ACM, or maybe it was IEEE, journal? How familiar are
	you with the literature in this field anyhow?

3. Broad, pointless but important philosophical question:

	Would you really consider this to be in the spirit of Unix?

4. Who cares question:

	Could you tell us who funded this work?

5. Everyone cares question:

	Could you tell us when we can expect to see this in
	a commercial product?

6. Universal questions:

	Is it my turn? Is this microphone on? Can everyone hear

Sorry, that's all we have time for, thank you for coming.
        -Barry Shein

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