political soapboxes (was Re: Why not pick ...)

Marcus J. Ranum mjr at hussar.dco.dec.com
Sun Jun 30 02:22:11 AEST 1991

	If there's enough concern about political agendas that have nothing
to do with the mission of USENIX, maybe the concerned parties could use the
conference as an opportunity to do something outside of the conference,
such as pay a mass visit to legislators, while they're all together in one
place. I don't think that politics and USENIX mix very well, unless someone
is legislating that the abort() library call should be removed from libc.a.

	If you feel strongly enough - don't come. Write letters saying why
not, and so forth. Individuals should make their *OWN* efforts before they
demand that USENIX as an organization makes an effort.


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