Why not pick *nice* places for the Usenix conventions?

cgw at vaxb.acs.unt.edu cgw at vaxb.acs.unt.edu
Tue Jun 25 01:52:59 AEST 1991

In article <20809 at cs.utexas.edu>, jason at cs.utexas.edu (Jason Martin Levitt) writes:
>>  Rule out any venue whose name contains the suffix "-land".
>     That rules out San Antonio which is in Bubbaland. 

it also rules out Disneyland, which might be interesting. at least,
when something screws up, you could say, "now what kinda mickey mouse
conference IS this, anyway??" ;-P

>     The river walk is in the heart of downtown San Antonio. The 
> polluted "river" [more like a stream really] is the Olmos or San 
> Antonio river [can't recall which] that runs through downtown San Antonio. 
> Some large hotels along with numerous restaurants and bars are lined up 
> along a fairly long stretch [0.3 miles?] of the river which has 
> concrete walls and sidewalks along it. At night, it's pleasant to walk 
> along the river and check out the venues.

if you want a preview, get the movie Cloak & Dagger. granted, it doesn't show
the riverwalk in the _best_ light, but i do believe it is the S.A. riverwalk.

but i agree with the first guy (whose text i didn't include). it's ALREADY
sweltering here (Denton) in june, can you imagine San Antonio? *phew*!


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