Terminal Room Information

Eve Podet podet at mtxinu.COM
Tue Jun 4 05:47:20 AEST 1991

The Terminal Room at the Nashville Conference will feature a 56K baud
line providing access to the Internet.  In addition, there will be 
modems for dialout connections.  Attendees must pay their own long distance 
charges with their telephone credit cards.  

It is expected that facilities will be available to create QIC-150, 
QIC-24, and 8mm tapes of GNU software.  During the conference electronic 
mail may be sent to attendees with the address 
First_Lastname at conference.usenix.org.  The messages will be printed in the 
Terminal Room and posted on the USENIX Association message board.

--Eve Podet
  Usenix Association Volunteer
  Terminal Room Co-ordinator

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