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Peter Salus peter at
Wed Jun 26 05:42:49 AEST 1991

With the agreement of the USENIX Association Board of Directors, 
I am pleased to offer to USENIX members the benefit of purchasing 
the 1991 SUG CD-ROM at SUG member rates.  Please list your 
USENIX member number (on your card or on the mailing label of 
		Peter H. Salus, Executive Director, SUG

		    1 9 9 1   S U G   C D - R O M

     The Sun User Group and Young Minds are proud to announce the
     availability of the 1991 SUG CD-ROM.  Over 500 MB of source code,
     software archives, binaries and Sun Microsystems' patches are included
     in this year's collection.

     This posting includes a table of contents and an order form.  To
     order your copy of the CD-ROM, complete the form and return it to the
     Sun User Group office.  

                     TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR 1991 SUG CD

     Top level (mounted under /usr/sug)

README 	- on line installation directions and overview
TOC 	- Table of contents - this file.
archive - Archives of mailing lists, Sun patches, and other miscellaneous stuff.
bin 	- Sun 4 binaries compiled under 4.1.1
doc 	- Documentation
etc 	- Sun 4 binaries compiled under 4.1.1. Typical kinds of things
	  you would expect to find in /etc.
include - Include files required to compile or run software found on SUG CD.
lib 	- Libraries, etc. 
man 	- Man pages
share 	- Architecture independent files like icons, audio files, images, etc.
src 	- source galore


sun-managers 	- Sun Managers mailing list archives
sun-movies 	- SunVision movie files
sun-nets	- Sun Nets mailing list archives
sun-patches	- Lots and lots of patches from Sun
sun-spots	- Sun Spots archives


The following should be ready to run on Sun 4 systems running 4.1.1 or
later of the SunOS.

X11/            et*             hrm*            newmail*        sunkey*
a2p*            etags*          ident*          newsreader*     suntops*
a2p.old*        exp*            inimf*          newstool*       sunview@
addto*          expect*         initex*         pass.chk*       sv/
answer*         fastmail*       is_writable*    patch*          taintperl*
arepdaemon*     file*           isexpand*       patgen*         tangle*
autoreply*      filter*         ispell*         perl*           te*
bibtex*         flex*           jove*           perl3.044*      teachjove*
bison*          flock*          kermit*         phonetool*      tex*
checkalias*     frm*            latex*          pktogf*         texinfo*
ci*             g++*            less*           pktype*         tftopl*
clearfiles*     games/       pltotf*         tn3270*
co*             gcc*            lesskey*        pooltype*       tperl3.044*
crc*            genclass*       listalias*      printmail*      user.chk*
ctags*          getsize*        merge*          psraster*       vftovp*
di*             gftodvi*        messages*       rcs*            virmf*
dissect*        gftopk*         mft*            rcsdiff*        virtex*
dvitype*        gftype*         mkdep*          rcsmerge*       vptovf*
elm*            gmake*          mset*           readmsg*        wart*
emacs*          gtar*           munchlist*      rlog*           weave*
emacsclient*    h2ph*           mush*           rrev*           wnewmail*
emacstool*      home.chk*       newalias*       s2p*            xtail*


The following X11 programs are also ready to run:

X               maze            xclock          xlogo           xrn
Xsun            mkdirhier       xcutsel         xlsatoms        xroach
appres          mkfontdir       xditview        xlsclients      xset
atobm           muncher         xdm             xlsfonts        xsetroot
bdftosnf        oclock          xdpr            xlswins         xstdcmap
bitmap          plaid           xdpyinfo        xmag            xswarm
bmtoa           puzzle          xedit           xman            xterm
catcher         resize          xev             xmh             xufo
constype        showrgb         xeyes           xmines          xv
contool         showsnf         xfd             xmkmf           xviewsun
foo             startx          xfontsel        xmodmap         xwd
ico             twm             xgc             xmoon           xwininfo
imake           xauth           xhost           xpr             xwud
kbd_mode        xbiff           xinit           xprop
listres         xcalc           xkill           xrdb
makedepend      xclipboard      xload           xrefresh


The following ready to run programs should be useful for system administrators:

bname           dialback        nfslogsum       rmt             timedc
bwfreq          diskuse         nfswatch        rpc.bootparamd  traceroute
callbootd       emulation       ntp             scrub
consolelog      fixutmp         ntpd            tcpdump
dial            fixwtmp         ntpdc           timed


audio	- Sun audio files
clipart - Clip Art
crttool - Fonts and termcap files for crttool
fonts	- 
images	- over 100 icons
tex	- architecture independent files for TeX.


Tex3.0	- TeX source
X11R4	- X11R4 source including use contributed clients
bin	- General source 
emacs	- emacs
etc	- System administration tools (
games	- games
gnu	- GNU source
kvm	- system specific source like top
lib	- miscellaneous software like filters
sunview	- sunview based software
xview	- xview based programs


di              flock           less            perl            tcl
dissect         gmake-3.59      mailsplit       psraster        tn3270
elm             gtar-1.09        rcs             uteco
expect          ispell-2.0.02   mush            soundsworks     xtail
file            jove            newstool        sun_to_ps
flex            kermit          patch           sunkey


bname           cops            fixtmp          tcpdump         watcher
bootparams      dialback        nfswatch        timed
bwfreq          diskuse         ntpd            traceroute
consolelog      emulation       scrub           track


bidding         cg              gnuchess        nobs
bj              challenge       knight          poker
bluemoon        cribbage        mines           roll


You need to look for yourself. Lots and lots of GNU software. For fun, look
at jargon.text.


mon     ofiles  pmon    top     vmem


boss            crttool         getFile         mystery         world
calctool1       distmand        hpcalc          rolo
calctool2       dvipage         lpqtool         sterm
calentool       eyecon          monthtool       sunclock
cplaid          faces           movietool-1.3.1 tooltool


catcher         contool         phonetool

- --------------------- cut here and return completed form ---------------------

                                   The 1991 SUGCD

                                     ORDER FORM

     I hereby agree to these conditions:
       1.    The contents of the archive continue to be owned exclusively by
             their authors or owners.  I simply get a copy for my own use,
             subject to the restrictions of paragraph three, below.

       2.    Sun User Group, Inc. (SUG) does not own, and makes no warranty
             whatsoever as to the contents of the archive, but acts as a
             collection and copying service only.  SUG is not responsible for
             any damages whatsoever, arising from any use of the contents of
             the archive.

       3.    My right to use the contents of the archive is restricted by the
             expressed wishes of the owners.  I will not violate the conditions
             imposed on such use, such as restriction on further copying or
             incorporation into a product.  These conditions are documented in
             the _readme files in the archive.

     The price of the CD is $250.

     Shipping and handling: Add $10 (USA) or $25 (Intl.)

                         __$260 (member in the USA)
                         __$275 (member outside the USA)

 Name__________________________________ Signature___________________________

 Company Name_______________________________________________________________

 SUG/USENIX Membership #_________________________________________________

 Electronic Mail Address____________________________________________________

 Telephone Number___________________________________________________________

 Check Enclosed_____             Mastercard_____  Visa_____

 Credit Card #__________________________________  Exp. date.________________

 Card Holder:__________________________ Signature:__________________________

 Purchase Order #______________________

 Ship to:                                Bill to:

 ______________________________________  ___________________________________

 ______________________________________  ___________________________________

 ______________________________________  ___________________________________

 _____________________________________  ___________________________________

  We will be pleased to send you a copy of the
  archive, but before our government will permit
  shipment, we must have an originally signed letter
  of assurance by an authorized employee, on your
  letterhead, in triplicate.

  Individuals outside of the USA may find using their
  credit cards easier than purchasing US$ checks as
  this eliminates bank charges.

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                   Sun User Group
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		   Email: office at

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