March CACM: Hackers, Crackers, and Lawyers

Eliot lear at
Wed Mar 20 16:37:32 AEST 1991

If you haven't read it already, please get your hands on the March
issue of the Communications of the ACM.  It features several articles
on how the technology has outgrown our legal system in terms of
hackers and crackers.  Contributions from John Barlow, Dorothy
Denning, Gene Spafford, and Richard Stallman are among the features of
this issue.

Denning's article includes an accounting of her experiences with the
Neidorf fiasco.  The articles demonstrate a lack of understanding not
only on the part of law enforcement, but on the part of hackers, as
well.  The differences of opinion between the contributers reflect a
split in the community on what should be done to safeguard not only
the rights of those who rely on computers but also the rights of the
Eliot Lear
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