Are Undergrads, more valuable then working professionals?

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>> rick at (Rick Adams) writes:
>> |> Sending people to conferences to look for jobs is not within the educational
>> |> charter of the organizations.
>> nobody said these people were being sent to look for work (although the
>> looking for work will certainly happen).  unemployed people still learn (and,
>> in fact, it is in their best interest to do so).
>	From the article that started this:
>	Now if one is without a job, typically, you don't have that much
>	survival time until homelessness occurs.  hence job hunting is
>	important. 

You alway have to prepare for your career growth, if you don't, then
don't blame anyone else except yourself. You are responsible for
your life not USENIX.
>	Usenix provides a place for people to network and hear of opportunities,
>	as well as brush up technical skills by listening to papers as well
>	as attending tutorials.

If your skill is really good, I doubt that you would be unemployed.
Present your "hot" paper(to make SRV 4 obsolete !!!) at USENIX,
then you will see how companies go after you as a "hot shot" computer
If you are not competitive in the job market, it does
not improve your situation no matter where you go.
>	I believe this service is invaluable to the unemployed or soon
>	tobeunemployed...
>	I propose that Usenix offer a 50% discount to unemployed attendees.

I don't think it is right, you don't have to pay for the conference
to get into job booths. I think they are outside the conference
area, so it is not reasonable to ask for 50% off because others have
to pay to subsidize you. USENIX is not in the business of employment
agency, it is for educational, and information exchange. That's why
the students get discount. You want 50% off, become a student.
You want to look for job, read Sunday newspaper, trade magazines,, head hunter always welcome you, etc.
Don't expect USENIX to provide employment
opportunity or make others pay for your UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT.
If you don't have the money to go to USENIX for education purpose,
go to the library to read USENIX proceedings, don't ask a
non-profit organization to subsidize you with unemployment benefit.
>	Pros:  It's socially responsible, it keeps people in the business and
>		it won't cost much.
It costs me, and others who pay full conference fees.!!!
The government has a social responsibility, not USENIX.
Don't go to USENIX or its board of directors with your misfortune,
and ask them for the obligation.
>	Cons:  It creates a job hunting environment, it's hard to administer
>		it may cost us revenue base.
I don't expect USENIX to become WESTECH or JOB-EXPO.
>Exactly how should I interpret this other than going job hunting?
>It seems rather straightforward to me. Note the only reference
>to learning "as well as"

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