;login: newsletter status

Alexander S. Waterman watermaa at cs.Colorado.EDU
Wed Mar 6 06:37:41 AEST 1991

Albert Cheng suggests:

> What about sending ;login: via Email to members?  It can be in
> postscript or troff forms.  Can we assume most, if not all, members
> have Email address and access to text processing tools?

Then Dave Taylor writes:

>> An interesting idea until you think about the costs and complexities
>> involved; with the number of members involved with Usenix, the email
>> distribution could be quite prohibitive (e.g. thousands upon thousands
>> of copies emailed at one time from the ole' Usenix machine)


>> Which is to say...

>>  What *is* the purpose of "login" as it currently stands?  Is it
>>  worth the time/effort/expense?

>> Speaking for myself, it's been a long time since I've actually
>> *read* an issue (because it's been a long time since there's
>> been anything *to read* in the magazine).


Could a possibility be to make ;login available by anonymous FTP at
some site like usenix.com?   Though not all people have access to the Internet,
this could at least cut down on SOME of the *actual* mail traffic.  Also,
for those that don't read it, they just don't have to go and retrieve it.
  - Alex Waterman
  watermaa at cs.colorado.edu

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