Are Undergrads, more valuable then working professionals?

Rick Adams rick at
Wed Mar 20 10:59:43 AEST 1991

In article <1991Mar18.030846.19529 at>, henry at (Henry Mensch) writes:
> rick at (Rick Adams) writes:
> |> Sending people to conferences to look for jobs is not within the educational
> |> charter of the organizations.
> nobody said these people were being sent to look for work (although the
> looking for work will certainly happen).  unemployed people still learn (and,
> in fact, it is in their best interest to do so).
	From the article that started this:

	Now if one is without a job, typically, you don't have that much
	survival time until homelessness occurs.  hence job hunting is

	Usenix provides a place for people to network and hear of opportunities,
	as well as brush up technical skills by listening to papers as well
	as attending tutorials.

	I believe this service is invaluable to the unemployed or soon

	I propose that Usenix offer a 50% discount to unemployed attendees.

	Pros:  It's socially responsible, it keeps people in the business and
		it won't cost much.

	Cons:  It creates a job hunting environment, it's hard to administer
		it may cost us revenue base.

Exactly how should I interpret this other than going job hunting?
It seems rather straightforward to me. Note the only reference
to learning "as well as"


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