Are Undergrads, more valuable then working professionals?

Devon E Bowen bowen at cs.Buffalo.EDU
Sun Mar 17 06:24:06 AEST 1991

I think the faulty premise here is that students go to make job contacts.
Of the many students I know that have attended USENIX only one actually
looked for a job and that was only because he had some spare time. It
wasn't his intent when he made his arrangements.

The primary reason to separate students from the unemployed has nothing
to do with finances or employment records. It's simply that for many of
these students, USENIX is the first time they get a chance to see what
the real world is like. They get a taste of the research angle and a
taste of the politics involved. Real world examples are as important to
education as any textbook. And I fully support the current USENIX policy.

I don't like the idea of cheapening USENIX to a "job fair".


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