Are Undergrads, more valuable then working professionals?

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>This is certainly a worthwhile subject to talk about, and considering
>First off, a very key difference in these two groups is income. I
>realize that "adults <- careful there" have mortgage payments etc, but
>with a $25,000 year salary, budgetary planning is considerably
>different than OWEING that 3/4 of that to an institution. (If you
>believe that to be false, think about a middle class family with one
>person in college and you will realize that no assistance shows up.)

True, but most people under age thirty still have student loan payments,
Especially if you put yourself through school.
>I would never have had the chance to attend USENIX without the
>Berkeley Grant...are you hearing this? NEVER HAD A CHANCE. While I am
>not discussing the unemployed issue, I take it the original poster has
>been to these conferences on his own money. Quite frankly, I cannot do
>that, you can, so there is something to be said for the way Berkeley
>is doing things. (i.e. it's right)

I agree perfectly.  When I was an undergrad, I didn't have two nickels
70% of the time.  If i was an undergrad now, the only way I could go to
a usenix would be on a berkeley grant.  Heck, when I go to usenix now, I
split a room, to keep down costs......

My employers are pretty benighted.
>As for the comparison as to USENIX and UNIX being designed that way,
>quite frankly I think the comparison is pointless. I don't even
>understand where it came from or why it was included. Elaborate?  :)

I was just pointing out that UNIX came out of an academic environment
and that the people running usenix are very attuned to problems facing
academics.  I just wanted to point out that the community is a heck of
a lot bigger now then a bunch of grad students.  Unix was pretty much a
research environment tool until the early 80's.
>As for the unemployed issue, I like it. I believe that people without
>a chance should get one. At the same time, if they are unemployed and
>receiving unemployment checks, what little I understand I think the
>money should be directed to a flight to wherever this person is
>considering working and use that money in a more "get to the employer
>and interview." Just my opinion.

I agree fully, it's just usenix allows you a chance to find out what
companies are good, who is hiring and what is happening on the
technology front.

Spend a month out of the business and your amazed.
Spend 6 months out and you are obsolete.....

Oh, for the record.  I still have a job, though that may be
questionable.  I also have used the student discounts when i was
playing gradual student/ part time engineer.

I agree wholeheartedly witht he policy of Student discounts and
Student grants, I just think that they should be expanded to give a
break to those job hunting.

Actually I even thought of aan easy verification method.
Send a copy of a current UI claim check.  

For those who are out of work consultants,  I don't know.
Consultants are supposed to plan for periods of down time.
Salary men plan on the basis of continous employment.

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