Student Joining USENIX, what's the easiest way?

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Thu Mar 21 06:53:37 AEST 1991

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> What is the easiest way for a full time student to join usenix? What 
> are the rates?

If you would like us to mail you a membership information packet,
please send your request to office at

Memberships for full-time students are $15 per year.  Please be sure
to include a copy of your current student identification card with
your membership application.

We also have individual memberships for $50, educational institution
memberships for $150, and corporate memberships for $300 per year.
Member benefits include subscriptions to our bimonthly newsletter,
;login:, and our quarterly journal, Computing Systems, and discounts
for the designated member at conferences and workshops.  Educational
and Corporate members in addition receive a subscription to all
conference and workshop proceedings published during the term of

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