service problem with uunet? cancel your acct, see what happens!

Leslie Mikesell les at
Wed Mar 27 04:56:47 AEST 1991

In article <3625 at dagobah.UUCP> mis at (Mark Seiden) writes:

>*again*.  and finally, late today, they cancelled my account!  great!
>but whaddaya know -- instead of pathaliasing my machine as they do for
>every other mapped site, (i.e. uunet!dagobah becomes
>uunet!uupsi!dagobah) now they just *bounce* it!  real nice guys...

Ummm, most places just parse the maps the way they get them.  Is there
some reason to believe that uunet has a map entry showing your connection
to uupsi?  The one here still says you are connected to uunet.

Les Mikesell
  les at

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