Are Undergrads, more valuable then working professionals?

Pat Bahn pat at
Thu Mar 14 10:11:56 AEST 1991

I am hoping to stir up a little controversy, on the subject of
Usenix attendance policy.  This is something I wanted to bring up at the
open board meeting, but I got pinned down after my panel.  So I
thought I'd bring this up here.

Question:  Are Undergrads more valuable then working professionals?

Answer:  Yes, at least according to Usenix policy....

Now,  should this be the case, and what do I mean by this.

Well, as I see it, any undergrad is eligible for Massive (90%)
student discounts and for student travel grants.

Now, if one is a working professional, and currently without an
employer, as far as Usenix is concerned, you are SOL...

Now, I believe this policy reflects the fundamentally academic nature of
Usenix and UNIX.

Unix came out of Bell Labs, was fostered by Berkeleyandis the haven of
academia,  hence a concern for Full time students.

Now,  Students typically have no money  and big college debts, so in
some form of social justice, we give them a break.  Why do we give them
a break?  So that they can be exposed to the technical comunity, and job
hunt and help out maybe in running the show.  After all, where would we
be without evi and the terminal room gang.

Of course, I believe this policy  implies that  people who have left
academia of course have no debts, make a big or regular salary and can
afford this as a pofessional expense.

I believe this to be false, most of you now have mortgages that make
student loans look pale, and very little in built up equity...

Now if one is without a job, typically, you don't have that much
survival time until homelessness occurs.  hence job hunting is

Usenix provides a place for people to network and hear of opportunities,
as well as brush up technical skills by listening to papers as well
as attending tutorials.

I believe this service is invaluable to the unemployed or soon

I propose that Usenix offer a 50% discount to unemployed attendees.

Pros:  It's socially responsible, it keeps people in the business and
	it won't cost much.

Cons:  It creates a job hunting environment, it's hard to administer
	it may cost us revenue base.

Solution, limit the number of unemployed discounts to 15% of the full
fee attendee, with them getting last dibs on tutorials....

I guess, we would have to use thehonor system, but are we not a
community that implicityly trusts one another?  

Well, what does the community think?  and what odes the board think?

I buttonholed a few members at Dallas, but think the board should
discuss the whole issues.
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