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Daniel Klein dvk at sei.cmu.edu
Tue Mar 12 04:23:19 AEST 1991

In article <2189 at lot.ACA.MCC.COM>, ables at lot.ACA.MCC.COM (King Ables) writes:
|> I know of sites that have whatever 
|> standard troff came with their machine, but since they don't have a
|> CAT phototypesetter, it's useless to them (yes, they can nroff and print
|> that... but that is about the same as plain text if you ask me...).

Many versions of troff produce Postscript, which makes most of us happy, and for the rest, nroff will still produce the desired plain text.  Since the troff source is in most cases available, I'd stick with the greatest common denominator.

The big problem is the order forms (such as that published on pages 35-37 of the current issue).  I would definitely favor an electronically available issue, though, perhaps posted to a suitable subgroup, such as comp.org.usenix.newsletter
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