Are Undergrads, more valuable then working professionals?

J T McDuffie jt at aeras.uucp
Fri Mar 15 12:12:41 AEST 1991

	In all fairness - I don't think that 50% is enough at all, and
	unless there is a limit on the number of student "slots" there
	should be NO limit on the number of "unemployed" slots either.

	Fair is fair - and just because you're not currently employed
	should not mean that you are no longer valuable to the Usenix
	community.  It is perhaps MORE important that you have the
	opportunity to maintain your technical knowledge then ever

	Back to the leading question: are students MORE valuable?
	Heck NO! BUT remembering when I had trouble affording 3 squares
	a day I can understand, and support, the desire to provide the
	new faces on the block the chance to hear someone else's theories
	and meet new faces (yeh, build the contacts to get a good job),
	etc.  What I'm saying is that students are equally valued members
	of this association who are "underprivilaged" and need some
	special help once in awhile.

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