The privilege to be "unemployed"

T Nguyen tuann at whiteoak.EBay.Sun.COM
Sun Mar 24 05:57:27 AEST 1991

Lately, there was a discussion of the discount conference fee to be admitted
to USENIX conference.
As I found out, the people who asked for the discount normally in the
self-employed business, so there is some time gap in their profession.
Take advantage of this unpaid time, they raised the issue to ask a non-profit
organization like USENIX for the discount conference fee. They can declare
themselve as unemployed during this period, so they ask for a discounted
conference fee !!!
If any consultant takes 2 weeks off(or in the gap time period),
and declares him/herself to be unemployed, then
The scenario can be as followed:
	- You are self-employed, so you want to get the most out of USENIX,
	  so you need to do:
		- Take vacation or unpaid time or your gap time during the contracts.
		- Declare to be unemployed
		- File unemployment benefit from Welfare if you can
		- Ask for discount conference entrance fee if there is such a thing.
		- Try to locate the "soup kitchen" or "homeless shelter"
		  near the conference site to take advantage of the "unemployed"
		  situation to the maximum.
		- Your conference will bring to you the positive cash flow from
		  Welfare Department, and the USENIX benefit. You can also find
		  a new consulting assignment at the conference too.
It is disgusting when I see any educated, computing professional do this kind
of action.
I don't think any thing is free, even a non-profit organization has a budget,
and they have to come up with the way to balance their budget. So, if they give
someone a discount, it needs to be justified because others pay for the
Remember when you are self-employed, there is no such a thing called
to be unemployed because you are in the business for yourself.
It is you who put yourself under unemployed situation.
Remember that IEEE gives a discount membership due to unemployed members
or retired one, but no discount to enter any IEEE conference.
In order to qualify for a IEEE discount membership, you need to prove that you
are unemployed through out the year most of the time, not 2 week or 1 month !!!
Even Welfare Department has a waiting period to file unemployment benefit.
If unemployed
professional wants to go to a conference with a discount fee to look for jobs,
they should become a member of USENIX, go through waiting period as unemployed
member to qualify
for unemployment benefit from USENIX if there is such a thing. Then USENIX
can take over "national" welfare department !!!

								T. Nguyen
Whenever I am "unemployed", I go abroad to take advantage of the low cost
of living abroad.

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