Are Undergrads, more valuable then working professionals?

Amanda Walker amanda at
Wed Mar 27 08:02:25 AEST 1991

bzs at (Barry Shein) writes:
>I assure you, exactly what I describe is done regularly.

Indeed.  Why, I've done it myself a couple times (albeit for general
schmoozing with friends, not necessarily job-hunting), and I can think
of at least one person that I see at every Usenix, and whom I have never
known to actually have a badge...

If you are willing give up the technical sessions, it should be
possible to "do Usenix" quite cheaply.  Transportation and lodging
become the constraining factor... 

What the conference fee gives you is generally:

 - A free copy of the proceedings.
 - A free badge for the vendor room (or Uniforum, whichever applies).
 - A membership in the Usenix Association if you don't already have one.
 - The ability to attend the tutorials and technical sessions.
 - Free admittance to the reception [although Dallas turned out to be
   obnoxiously crashable this Winter :(].
 - A studly Usenix nametag.

If you can do without these (and can spare a relatively few bucks for
the second and fifth things, if you want them), it should be just as
easy to (ahem) network (sorry) as if you had gotten a discounted rate.
You just happen to be there while Usenix is going on. 

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