;login: newsletter status

Dave Sill de5 at ornl.gov
Thu Mar 7 23:35:49 AEST 1991

In article <1821 at limbo.Intuitive.Com>, taylor at limbo.Intuitive.Com (Dave Taylor) writes:
>The alternative of having a "comp.org.usenix.login" newsgroup, moderated,
>with the moderator being the 'editor' of "login" is an interesting
>alternative, but 1. not everyone in Usenix gets Usenet (nor do they
>all have active email addresses, I'd guess) and 2. people would want
>to have followup discussion.

For that matter, it could be posted right here.  It's not that big.
The problem, though, is deciding who to send the paper copy to.  I
suppose folks who didn't want the paper copy could send e-mail to
usenix.org, but would that make too much work for someone?

Then there's the question of whether we want to provide ;login: free
to non-members.  Personally, I wouldn't mind.  It would provide some
good PR for the organization, and membership would still have its
privileges (Computing Systems, member discounts, etc.)

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