service problem with uunet? cancel your acct, see what happens!

Mark Seiden mis at
Sun Mar 31 12:17:41 AEST 1991

to follow up on a couple of points that people have asked about...

1. i never read the contract nor did i sign the contract.
usenix association presumably did, since they ordered the service
to support work for them, and they cancelled it (in writing.)
(for a while i was uncertain whether i would be *permitted* to 
cancel the account, since i had never ordered it...)  usenix was
the customer in this case, not me...  so it's even stranger how
badly the termination was handled -- one would think usenix would be
in a position to be treated well rather than badly.  

2. i notified uunet in unambiguous words of one syllable at least 5
times that they should change their pathalias file to show
connectivity to uupsi.  they have consistently ignored this request,
and they ignored it even when they insisted i was still a customer
according to their records.  

3. i sent changed maps were sent to the uucp map project only recently,
and they have not yet apparently been distributed.  it was unclear to
me during the changeover whether psi would (or has) updated the uucp
maps other than their local copy of the map. nor did they tell me
whether i'm supposed to.

4. several people asked for the details of my service suggestions.  i
will post them (another separate long posting) in comp.mail.uucp.

mark seiden, mis at, 1-(203) 329 2722 (voice), 1-(203) 322 1566 (fax)

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