Are Undergrads, more valuable then working professionals?

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Mon Mar 18 09:15:23 AEST 1991

henry at (Henry Spencer) writes:

>In article <1991Mar15.021241.14858 at aeras.uucp> jt at aeras.UUCP (J T McDuffie) writes:
>>	Fair is fair - and just because you're not currently employed
>>	should not mean that you are no longer valuable to the Usenix
>>	community...

>The Usenix Association is not a government agency, able to obtain money
>just by printing more as necessary.  Its funds are limited, and every penny
>of discount given to someone is one less penny available for education,
>publications, standards involvement, etc.  Nor is it a charity, in business
>to help the unfortunate.  Usenix has to focus not on whether you are
>"valuable to the Usenix community" but on whether spending scarce funds
>to help you attend will contribute directly to Usenix's goals.

while talking about standards: i wanted to hack GNU bash to
use POSIX signals, therefore i had to buy 1003.1 to fully
understand the signal facilities. guess what, i'm a student
and had to shell out $100 for it! i'm used to pay the usual
$50 for computer related stuff, but *that* book really hit
the spot :-(

not that i want to say usenix, POSIX etc should offer discounts
for who-knows-who, but they should look into offering discounts
for university/public libraries and tell them. that way they won't
have the problem of spending money on attending while making the
proceedings, standards etc available to everyone.

you know, i started to wonder when the CS library of my >100000 student
university referred me to the local book shops for obtaining
POSIX documents.....
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