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Martin Hall martin at netcom.COM
Wed Mar 27 05:59:34 AEST 1991

Something tells me that I am not posting this to the correct news group
but here goes:  I am trying to find a contact name/address/e-mail or
something from somone from SPEKTR.  As in the following excerpt from

  (from UniGram*X, Feb25-Mar1 1991)

  An updated list of Unix International Inc members includes two
  Russian organizations, SPEKTR, a Leningrad consortium of 10
  apparently independent capitalistically-inclined hardware and
  software companies, whose membership of the club was sponsored
  by NCR Corp, and the State Institute of Allied Chemistry, brought
  into the club by Unix International itself; under a little-used
  provision in the body's charter, membership is free to sponsored

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated....


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