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George Neville-Neil gnn at minestrone.Berkeley.EDU
Fri Mar 1 09:51:32 AEST 1991

In article <639 at usenix.ORG>, carolyn at usenix.ORG (Carolyn Carr) writes:
|> Dear USENIX Membership:
|> You may be wondering where your January/February issue of ;login: is.
|> No, the dog didn't eat it, but close.  We just received notice
|> that the Post Office Bulk Mail Department "held" (translate 
|> "didn't process") the sacks of ;logins: for up to 19 days.  The
|> issue "went out" February 20. The P.O. has yet to fess up and give us
|> a reason. Unforgiveable.
|> We apologize for this major slip in the U.S. mail system and stand
|> forever vigilant.  The issue is in the mail... 
|> Forget the dog, BEWARE OF P.O.! 
|> Carolyn S. Carr
|> Publications Manager
|> USENIX Association

Yes, well if it helps your measurment of PO reliability I just got my
;login: yesterday (2/27/91).  Of course I'm over in San Francisco so
they could have walked it over to my apt. :-)

BTW Now that postal rates have climbed is it possible to consider
alternatives to Snail Mail ??  I personally don't know of any, but I am


George Neville-Neil      What if they gave an orgy and nobody came ?
gnn at mammoth.berkeley.edu 

>From RFC 1196  The Finger User Information Protocol
	Vending machines SHOULD respond to a {C} request with a list of all
	items currently available for purchase and possible consumption.
	Vending machines SHOULD respond to a {U}{C} request with a detailed
	count or list of the particular product or product slot.  Vending
	machines should NEVER NEVER EVER eat requests.  Or money.

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