Are Undergrads, more valuable then working professionals?

Jeff Wandling n8743196 at
Sun Mar 17 05:20:11 AEST 1991

I'm a student and I tried to get a grant in order to help pay the costs.
In fact, three students from my university applied--- one girl actually 
got money and the other used his rent money to go.

I didn't have any money, my parents couldn't afford it, and I couldn't
get finacial aid to save my life.

What's wrong here? A lot of students would *love* to go to USENIX. If you
don't actually go, you'll never really know what it's all about and what
companies are in the game.

I'm not sure if this is already possible, but I feel it would be really great
if at least the 'proceedings' of the conference were available for those
who can't actually be there (because of air-fare & room costs prevent many
from even getting within state lines!)
I would pay if I could. I feel that anyone who is gainfully employed and
attends USENIX should pay. If you need assistance and can show the need,
then you deserve a break (just how it's done already).

Students are just as important if not more important. Why do you think
I'm in college? To get a piece of paper that says I know what a AVLTree is?
No! I want my degree so I can go out there and do something extraordinary and
make a mark in the world. 

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