D Finding USENIX conference proceedings

Peter Salus peter at world.std.com
Thu Mar 21 00:34:27 AEST 1991

In article <3024 at beguine.UUCP> Alan.Peery at samba.acs.unc.edu (Alan Peery) writes:
>I'm trying to locate a library (or a person) with a copy of the
>following USENIX proceedings:
>     Proceedings of USENIX 1985 Summer conference 
>     1986 Summer USENIX Conference Proceedings
>     1987 Summer USENIX Conference Proceedings
>If you know of a library, or if you would be willing to copy three articles
>for a grad student stuck out in the wilds of Wyoming, send me email
>     peery at outlaw.uwyo.edu
>Alan Peery
>Grad student in Computer Science at the University of Wyoming

(1) I own all of these.

(2) All of these are available from USENIX.

(3) If individuals/libraries want USENIX pubs, why don't 
they ask the Association (office at usenix.org; 415-528-8649)
rather than producing postings like these?


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