Cant install 386/ix

Tom Armistead toma at attctc.Dallas.TX.US
Tue Dec 5 09:35:37 AEST 1989

Thanks for the responses, I had so much trouble, I thought the answer was
worth posting.

Thanks to ...!dcb for the final answer.

The problem was fixed by simply *turning on my printer*??? It was turned
off every time I tried installing 386/ix and the thing kept rebooting
on me... ISC was not able to give me any help on this???

Now I have another problem:
    The cursor goes away from time to time, it looks like it's just getting
    turned off. I can change to another virtual terminal and go back and
    the cursor is on again. Sometime it comes back on all by itself??

    Any ideas???

Tom Armistead
UUCP:  {ames,lll-winken,mit-eddie,osu-cis,texbell}!attctc!toma

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