2 more Q's about 386/ix

Steven H. Izen izen at amelia.nas.nasa.gov
Wed Dec 20 04:35:01 AEST 1989

In article <4844 at dell.dell.com> jrh at mustang.dell.com (James Howard) writes:
>In article <1910 at syma.sussex.ac.uk>, jonm at syma.sussex.ac.uk (Jonathan
>Meyer) writes:

>> Is it possible to run shutdown from anything other than the console VT?
>> Sometimes I would like to be able to reboot my system safely from a remote
>> login, but can't.

>> jon

># init 6 < /dev/console
>will work I believe, also

>James R. Howard                

# init 5 </dev/console
also works, but the system doesn't take as long to reboot (at lease on my
compaq 386/20) becuase the system doesn't check out the memory before

Looking through the appropriate scripts reveals that 
init 0 eventually causes a uadmin 2 0 to be done <--- no reboot
init 6 eventually causes a uadmin 2 1 to be done <--- powerup reboot
init 5 eventually causes a uadmin 2 2 to be done <--- warm reboot
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