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Sun Dec 24 00:12:29 AEST 1989

In article <102 at wd0gol.WD0GOL.MN.ORG> barker at wd0gol.WD0GOL.MN.ORG (Bob Barker) writes:
>I'm planning on purchasing a "smart" multi-port board for use on

     Try the Equinox Megaport 12 or 24 port board.  Everything I throw at it
     works like you hoped it would!

>My primary concerns are:
>Ability to support full hardware flow control with a trailblazer

     My Telebit Plus transfers news batches all day at high speed.  (There
     was an apparent speed increase when I recently installed the 5.0 Telebit
     ROMS too).

>Compatibility of device drivers with 386/ix

     VPIX works on wyse 60's at 38400 baud!
     My MS mouse runs on one port for X windows and/or VPIX _and_ VPIX in an
     xterm window!
     I also run an X10 home control computer interfae form one of the ports.
     Ditto a couple of printers.

>Ease of installation/configuration/reconfiguration

     The installation it the easyest I've seen.  Plug in the board.  There
     are NO jumpers to set.  NO interrupts are used either.  Run installpkg,
     hit three returns, reboot and you've got 12 or 24 ports that work like
     they should.


>> I can't make it not work!!! :-) <<
(happy camper quotes deleted)


     I've received detailed, accurate and creative technical help from the
     dealer, Continental Computer Systems.  Speak to Chris Lukas at 203
     665-1355 and/or Equinox at 800 328-2729 (they sent me to Continental).

>Naturally, the sales folks at each company tell me "no problem, our
>board does that - its the best."  If anybody has any real-life 

     I've heard this from every sales person I've ever delt with too!  In
     this case the only difference is they were correct!!!  ( Thank goodness
     too.  I don't miss that ol' sinking feeling when my client says:  "Why
     doesn't this feature work?  This is what I'm paying for." or "I want a
     credit for not getting that feature." or worse.) 

     (delete various unpleasant thoughts of NOT getting paid!)

     (all customary disclaimers apply)

     Hope this helps...

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