More trouble with the 6386/StarLAN-10

David M. Lyle david at
Sat Dec 9 03:33:32 AEST 1989

In article <334 at denwa.uucp> denwa!jimmy at (Jim Gottlieb) writes:
>[. . .]
>I must say that dealing with AT&T is the most stressful activity in my
>work.  Whenever I need to find out some information on an AT&T product,
>I sit down in my chair and say to myself, "OK.  This is how the rest of
>my day will be spent."
>A previous poster said to ask "your account executive".  Well, some of
>us not-huge companies, and not-universities don't have an AT&T account
>executive to answer to our every need.

Well... if you don't have an account executive, start doing business with an
AT&T Value Added Reseller (VAR).  They tend to be smaller and have a much 
greater interest in making your systems work.  That is the direction that AT&T
seems to want 'smaller' customers to go.  I'm told that, at some point in the 
future, AT&T pc's will only be available through VARS, unless you are ordering
very large quantities.

By the way... even though we are a big university, our AT&T account executive
doesn't "answer to our every need".  There are things that can be dealt with
much more efficiently through our VAR, instead of dealing with the bureaucracy
at AT&T.

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