Experience with SCO UNIX 5.3

Aris Stathakis aris at tabbs.UUCP
Tue Dec 12 21:09:20 AEST 1989

>From article <511077 at nstar.UUCP>, by larry at nstar.UUCP (Larry Snyder):
} In article <525 at mwtech.UUCP>, walter at mwtech.UUCP (Walter Mecky) writes:
}> Open Desktop should be released by SCO soon now.  This will turn your 386
}> box into a (sort-of) Sun workstation type machine.  Open Desktop is a 
}> package that includes the following:
} Will this "Open Desktop" package replace their current Unix System
} V products?

No, I don't think so - but they are marketing this thing HEAD ON with
OS/2.  Open desktop runs on TOP of UNIX.  Their Xenix products will still
be supported, but I have a feeling they'd like to phaze them out.  I hear
that SCO NFS will only be released for UNIX and not XENIX.  This is a bit
of a bummer.  Hopefully a third party will close this gap.


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