PerStor Controllers

Dave Burton daveb at
Thu Dec 28 05:11:45 AEST 1989

|>[I] have seen the ads for the PerStor Disk
|>controllers claiming to give 190% of the storage on a
|>standard MFM drive.  The drives I plan to use are a
|>Seagate ST-251, and an ST-4096.  If this gadget works
|>it would give me 228Mb instead of the 120 that these
|>drives provide, with a 9Mbit/s transfer rate instead of

... which is quite enticing ...

|I run a Perstor here , MAKE SURE YOU ORDER THE 16FN (network model) , and it
|runs LIKE A CHAMp. NO problems whatsoever. The folks at both ISC and
|perstore were a bit surprised I might add. 
|IN SHO[R]T -- THIS THING WORKS and is the greates[t] undiscovered treasure for
|small UNIX owners , a 90% HD space increase for approx 160$ is NOT to be
|laughed at!

... but it doesn't work with _all_ UNIX systems. In particular, it
doesn't work with ESIX (Rev A,B,or C). A short talk with PerStor
revealed that the PerStor controller only worked with ISC 386/ix -
their words, not mine. Bummer.

| ... for approx 160$ ...

I paid $269 through Hard Drives Int'l for the hard+floppy version.

Disclaimer: Although I have some affiliation with ISC, this posting
is based on personal experience through my home system running ESIX.
This isn't intended as a plug for ISC, nor a slam against ESIX. In fact,
I'm quite pleased with ESIX.
Dave Burton

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