ESIX Networks and X

Bob Palowoda palowoda at megatest.UUCP
Wed Dec 6 15:37:51 AEST 1989

>From article <[257baaa6:235.1]comp.unix.i386;1 at nstar.UUCP>, by akcs.larry at nstar.UUCP (Larry Snyder):
>>what factors will change this.  The ESIX X now supports the Vega Vram cards,
>>Paridise 16 bit VGA cards, Orchid's 16bit chards, and Tatung 16 bit VGA 
>>and Everex's VGA cards. It also supports 800x600 and 1024x764 resoulutions
> Do you know if the ATI board is supported?

  It dosn't say in the doc about supporting the ATI. But just for you 
  Larry I will test it for the low low price of $99.95.
>> As for the networking I'm useing NFS. It's Wollogangs and it's sold as 
>>an addition to the ESIX package. It dosn't have support for yellow pages,
>>but it does work with PC-NFS. I'm running it connected to a 386SX machine
> Are you networking to a DOS machine or another Unix machine?

 Larry, come on, turn on your brain for a second and think about what
 I said in the article. If I'm writeing about PC-NFS and useing 
 Microsoft Windows accoss the net to the UNIX host I think it's safe
 for you to assume I'm networked to a dos machine. Yes it works accross
 the ethernet. If you wish to find out more about the PC-NFS product 
 for DOS call up Sun. The prices don't seem to bad about 400 a station.

>>  I like ESIX manuals better than the Prentice Hall books. Three ring type
>>binders. Looks like they where done with Jetroff. They have done a better
>>job on the installation notes than the previous version. 
> I assume these are the manuals that they sell extra for $275 - the
> "technical reference set"


>>become more reasonable in price. Rumor has it rev D will have the fast file
>>system.  About benchmarks, I ran it on a Xenix 386 machine running 33mhz
>>with ESDI drives (and the latest 386 Xenix OS) and my ESIX system with
> There are marketing their fast file system in the lit that came in
> yesterday's mail.
>>All in all I'm quite happy with what Everex did with ESIX. These are
>>my opinions. I'm sure there are other out there that will disagree with me.
> I agree.  My hats off to Everex which looks like a excellent option.  Are
> they available for support via a uucp address?  

  Yes, I believe it's jeff at everex. I am just finishing up a news connection
  to Everex's Fremont Software Test lab's. After they get use to the
  news I'm sure they also can answer some questions once in a while.
  If any one need tech details on the 88000K add in card for the everex
  machines 'andyb at ecsd' or 'sun!ys2!fiver!ecsd!andyb' should be able 
  to help you. After working on one for a week I'll have to admit one
  of these cards makes a 386 scream. PCC feels like Turbo C. 


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