backups on 386/ix - some pronblems using GNUtar; any hints?

Jan Herder herder at
Thu Dec 7 05:03:23 AEST 1989

In article <481 at hades.OZ> greyham at hades.OZ (Greyham Stoney) writes:
>1) When the tape is completely full, GNUtar reports "error opening
>directory ...." for every directory not yet covered. At least, this seems
>to be what's happening. If the tape drive is 120Mb, and the filesystem is
>115Mb, how come the tape fills up at all anyway when doing a full dump???.

If the tape is not streaming you don't get 120Mb. Everytime it has to 
stop you loose a some bytes. GNUtar also have some overhead so dumping
a 115Mb can take more.
    When the tape is full the driver is returning another errorcode
than GNUtar expects. Findout what errorcode and fix GNUtar.

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